2/24 Truckee River Update + Pleasanton Fly Show

Truckee River Fly Fishing Guide

Jim Hillick – Truckee River Brown Trout

 Truckee River – The Truckee is teaming with life again.  Flows about 380 cfs below Boca inlet and 413 cfs in the canyon. The weather has been a bit brisk in the mornings, but warming up fast once the sun is high.  The past few days we have hooked fish in the fast water and slower seams.  It seems as if the fish are starting to spread throughout the river.  The flows are finally back to what they used to be, the real Truckee.  The water is big, careful where you wade. Bugs have been coming out consistently, especially midges.  I did see a few skwalas today, which is a great sign of things to come. (Possible some good dry fly action) Baetis, dark stoneflies, and midges have been working well.  Fish your nymphs deep in the runs, don’t be afraid to lose some gear.  I haven’t had a great streamer bite lately, but you never know unless your fly is in the water! Remember to pinch your barbs and check your drag, hang on!

Little Truckee River – The flows are low, real low.  Now is the time to leave those fish alone, due to the conditions.  Lots of slime and algae throughout the system, especially the upper lot.  We need a good flush to clean her up a bit.  There are still fish eating in the deeper holes, small midges and SJ’s are working.  Some dry fly action, but not much.

Pleasanton Fly Show – The show is this weekend at the Alameda Fair Grounds, in Pleasanton.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  I will be down there with Frank Pisciotta, come by the booth and say hi.  Tell me your latest fishing story and book your next trip!  Mention this add for 15% off show discount!

Truckee River Fly Fishing Guide

Erik Hansen – Truckee River Rainbow

A healthy Truckee River Rainbow

Truckee River Fly Fishing Guide

Great Brown Trout, even better fight!  Look at that kype and shoulders!

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