Truckee River Winter Update 2/20

Truckee River Fly Fishing Guide

This is why I fish the Truckee River! 

Truckee River Update 2/20/2017

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Currently, we are getting hit by a big storm as well all know.  Truckee is expected to see between 2-3 inches of rain/snow on Monday.  This will blow the river out for a little while.  The only game in town now is to venture out to Pyramid Lake.  The Truckee is flowing at a steady 2k cfs, but is expected to rise with this incoming system.  The clarity has been terrific, I think thats why we have been able to fish a large river.  Typically, these flows aren’t normal, but the fish don’t seem to mind.  Access to the river is a bit better now that some of the snow has melted with that last rain storm.  We have been seeing some quality fish in the net lately. Good mix of rainbows, browns, and the mountain whitefish. Some big fish have also been lost… Winter is prime for a shot at a true Truckee River trophy! Nymphing and streamers have been the ticket.  Not much for dry fly action right now, maybe in a month or so once the skwala’s get going. Even though we have seen several random skwala’s around. Get your bugs deep and fish them slow.  Big & small stoneflies, SJ’s, prince nymphs, birds nests, and midges have been working well. Remember to fish “winter water.” Water that is slower than walking speed, these fish are going to be close to the bank, so don’t wade out! This upcoming weekend is the Pleasanton show, but starting Monday February  27, it’s game on! If your looking to learn how to fish the Truckee River in the Winter, give me a call to book your trip! Here are some recent photos of Truckee River residents.


Capt. Chris Maher

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Truckee River Fly Fishing Guide

Justin Andresen with a fine brown trout, hard to see but it had an osprey scar on its back…. tough fish!

Truckee River Fly Fishing Guide



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