Truckee River Update 12/19 – Happy Holidays!

Sorry folks for the belated update.  Life has been extra busy since I am have returned to the lower 48.  I traveled to Colorado to hunt elk and bought a new/used, but perfect jet boat!  With hopes to be guiding the lower Sacramento River for Striped Bass in late March through end of May.  If this is something your interested in please call and book soon.  A large portion of the fishing will be focused with a fly rod.  Sink tips and big flies for trophy Striped Bass.  On that note, the Sacramento as well as most watersheds are raging after this last storm.  This is great for all of California’s reservoirs and bodies of water.  Now we just need the temperatures to stay consistent for a chance of snow.  Rain is the temporary fix, snowpack is the long-term fix for California.  

Truckee River 

The Truckee River has been pumping some serious flows after this storm.  The water is slowly dropping out, but the color has stayed a dark tea green color.  It will also start to clear up with each passing day.  Doesn’t  look like much for weather in the extended forecast.  Try fishing higher up towards Boca confluence up to 267 bridge.  The color of the water and the flows are a bit less harsh.  The temperatures have been cold as well, I got out about 10 AM and it was brisk.  Extra layers are a good call. Finger panties (gloves) too if you need them… I didn’t see much for bugs, but lots of midges in the afternoon.  I fished a dark stone with a BWO emerger, that seemed to put them in the net.  Lots of lead under the indo has been producing. Streamers will work too if you are patient.  I like dark color streamers for this off-color water.  

Little Truckee River

The flows jumped a bit with this last storm.  They have dropped back down to the typical flow.  The water is cold and the fish are picky this time of year.  Give them a break for awhile and fish the Truckee. Thats where the action is right now! Honestly…



Gift Certificates are also available if you are looking to get a friend or a loved one out on the water for a day of fishing! 

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