Truckee River News & Update 1/12

Rainbow Trout caught before the snowmeagdon!! Look at those colors! 

Truckee River Fly Fishing Winter Update – WE HIT FLOOD STAGE! By far the largest I have seen the Truckee River. Never saw the river back in 97′, but I could only imagine.  We got some much needed snow pack and precipitation.  On that note, the Truckee River got a great flush.  I saw multiple logs and debris floating down the chocolate brown river.  It was swollen and truly an impressive sight to see. I saw the flows peak out at over 8k on the California side. Reno and down got the brunt of the flooding.  They are still cleaning up the mess.  The Truckee River should drop into shape hopefully by the end of the weekend, considering how much moisture we get today/tonight.  Currently, the flows are; 340 cfs through Truckee, 2100 @ Boca confluence, 2650 cfs in Farad.  Still a bit high to fish below Boca, but alongside the Glenshire section should be fishable very soon.  Give it awhile before venturing into the canyon, especially by yourself. 

Little Truckee River  – as far as I am concerned the road out to the LT is closed.  The plow service won’t plow past the first parking lot at Boca Reservoir.  You need either a 4×4 truck or snowmobile to access.  It’s good to give this time of the year to let the LT rest.  

Even with all these high flows the fish will be fine.  They will be hungry though, try stripping a black/olive streamer in the slow water or edges of fast runs.  Hang on! 

Winter Guide Rates – with Winter “officially here” I am now offering discounted trips to those that book in January & February. Contact me for my discount!  Hope to fish with you soon!

Here are some recent photos of the storm.

Before and after shot of the Truckee River below  Hirschdale Bridge.


Photo taken looking downstream from the Boca confluence. Chocolate milk!  


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