Ol’ Man Winter Ain’t Done


Truckee River Update & Guided Fly Fishing with Maher’s Guide Service.

Sorry for the belated update folks, but things have been busy as of late! The fishing has been great all around on the Truckee.  Also, the fish have been of  amazing size and quality! These trout are very resilient and this high water year has shown just that.  The past few weeks we have been getting a fluctuation of flows on the Truckee.  The Truckee has remained above 2k cfs for most of the winter, but has stayed clear for the most part.  The runoff period has almost began, but old man winter isn’t done yet.  On that note, it appears that CA has plenty of water and with a almost record snowpack, we should have high water all the way through August/September!!  This is great news!  On the other hand, I won’t be around for too much longer, as I head back North to the promised land! (Alaska)  Book your trip before May 7! 

Truckee River 

As of today, I wouldn’t fish too much further down than Floriston.  The water picks up big time down there and can be dangerous navigating the banks, etc.  Find some nice slow moving water, maybe with a nice back-eddie. These fish are hanging fairly tight to the river bank.  I’ve been fishing; SJ’s in all colors, pats-rubber legs, eggs, baetis when the water clears up a bit, and always winter midges.  That is my junk food lineup.  Remember if you are fishing under an undo, adjust weight and depth.  You will lose lots of flies, but thats the name of the game. 

Little Truckee

The LT has been a steady 700-1200 cfs, Boca is looking full, and these trout finally had a winter off.  I went and scouted a bit yesterday, there are places to fish, but not many of them.  Careful out there, as there is still snow on some spots of the road.  The inlet to Boca has been fishing fair to decent.  Lots of people and wind has made that a tough spot to fish lately.  Again, junk food will catch fish on the LT.

I still have available dates until I leave May 7.  Call for Availability! 

Here are several photos from the Wounded Warrior Project group that we hosted yesterday. What a great group of guys and a huge thanks to our current military and veterans! 


Capt. Chris Maher

Truckee River & Little Truckee Guided Fly Fishing Guide Truckee River & Little Truckee Guided Fly Fishing Guide Truckee River & Little Truckee Guided Fly Fishing Guide


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