Light Rain, Spring Imminent

Tahoe sometimes will feel cramped after a dismal winter and recovering from an injury, so with that in mind I headed up north to Oregon.  My brother and I, decided to explore some coastal rivers.  (Post to follow)  After I returned, I had to get back on the Truckee.  This little bit of rain was great for our water tables in Truckee. Around town the flows are about 225 cfs, below Boca dam – 675 cfs.  This is prime water to toss some streamers with a nice staggered strip or a dead drift.  Nymphing has been very good as well.  This time of year I will dead drift; Pat’s stones, skwalas (sz 14-16), BWO’s (sz 18,20), & SJ’s (any color).  Once this snow (what’s left) melts out, then the summer will be here sooner than expected!  I wouldn’t mind one more big snow storm, maybe in April?  Pray for some precipitation, or else we will have another low water  year.  Remember, Saturday April, 27 is opening day for other bodies of water in the area, so mark your calendars and book your guide trip today!

Truckee River Fly Fishing Guide

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