High flows and much needed H20

This last storm we had Friday/Saturday put some serious water down in the Truckee area, well all of Nor Cal for that matter.  Reservoirs are filling up and things are looking better than expected.  The flows were up to 3,000 cubes and dropping fast.  The river needed a good flushing and we got it! Flows through town are down to 165, @ Boca 575, and over 600 through the canyon towards Reno. I’ve been tossing streamers and nymphs, as of late.  I like to fish black/olive sculpins in the heavy water, but don’t forget about white too…Nymphing is still very productive, baetis, SJ, stones, & pats rubber legs have been putting fish in the net.  Winter time is always a good season to restock fly boxes and get some much needed solitude on the river, as everyone else is skiing.  Remember my winter rates are in affect, take advantage while you can!  Big things are to come soon, standby!

Truckee River Fly Fishing Guide

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