Back from Alaska & Last minute Christmas Gift ideas!

Hello all, sorry for the belated blog update.  I have been pretty busy as of late, after returning from another successful 5 month summer in Alaska!  This summer posed new opportunities and challenges at the same time.  I returned back to Baranof Wilderness Lodge again to resume duties as a boat Captain, but was transferred out to a different operation in Western Alaska.  I was chosen to help guide a float trip operation that Mike Trotter has been running since the 80’s. “The Chosen River” as some call it, or Kanektok, which means “the ever changing river.”  This trip consists of 100 miles of fishable water.  Fly into the lake and fish until your arm falls off 7 days later.  The 3 guides; Davo, Skye, & I handle the operation on the ground.  We cook, clean, and guide you on an incredible adventure that you will never forget.  IF this is of interest, please reach out to me, as 2018 is already booked for a six week season.  After the float trips ended, I headed back to the lodge to finish out the season there.  Lots of stories, laughs, and new friendships were had and I can’t wait for the upcoming season.  

As of right now the holidays are in full effect!  I am guiding the Truckee River and Little Truckee currently.  Soon, I will be switching gears a bit and guiding for spotted bass on some of the lakes in the Sacramento Valley.  If you are looking for a guide trip, please contact me and lets get a date set!  

Looking for a last minute Christmas Gift?  Purchase a gift certificate for your loved one for an adventure they will not forget! 


Capt. Chris Maher

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